6 Bedrooms + 4 Bathrooms

Joy & Jay Home Care has been serving San Diego since 2004 & is now under new ownership as of 2017.

 Joy & Jay Home Care  is a community of independent or assisted living care for your senior family member, providing assistance services with their day-to-day living.  

 We specialize in Mild Cognitive Impairment, while also providing specialized care for residents with Alzheimer's & dementia with our "Hospice Waiver" program.


Our expertise and resources are focused on providing innovative care for residents with memory impairment.  

is to provide the highest quality in assisted living home care. Our home, located in Rancho Peñasquitos, is held to the highest standards. Security and comfort are our top priorities. We strive to provide an "at-home" feeling for your loved one(s) to ensure you can rest easy knowing they're well taken care of. 

 Our Mission 

  We offer 24-hour care for temporary & permanent residents. Our staff includes a licensed Nurse who is on duty 5 days & on

call 7 days each week. Our team of work around the clock to provide daily & specialized services such as dressing & bathing. Aside from business, we make time for daily recreational activities and to celebrate birthdays & most holidays. 

 Our Way 


Assisted Living IN

San Diego County


We at Joy & Jay Home Care provide a visiting geriatric physician, nurse, & podiatrist to ensure an inclusive treatment. In addition, we offer much-needed emotional support and tactical coping skills for family members & social support systems.

* A 6 Bed Facility *
Shared Rooms and Private Rooms
(Male or Female)

At Joy & Jay Home Care there are three (3) levels of care to ensure that residents of varying acuity are properly cared for. Pricing is determined on which level of care your loved one needs.

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